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Cross Diamond Meats

High-quality protein for happy, healthy families.



About Us

Located in Bertrand, Nebraska – in the heart of the Beef State – surrounded by fertile grassland and crop ground. 

The ideal place to grow and finish the world’s most nutritious, high-quality protein.

The Cross Diamond Way

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What That Means to You

  • A safe and nutritious product that has been developed with the utmost care and respect through the whole process.
  • A committed team that is very compassionate about the product you will enjoy with your family and friends.
  • Beef of the highest quality, produced right here in the Beef State!
  • An outstanding family environment
  • Unmatched customer service with the goal of being a neighbor to all
  • Respect for the animals placed under our care
    • BQA Certified
    • Excellent stockmanship on all encounters with the animals.
  • Grazing management that improves soil quality and animal health
    • Our goal is that any pasture or farm ground managed by Cross Diamond is left as good or better than when received. We accomplish this through a management-intensive rest/rotation grazing system.
  • Our Red Angus herd is populated with cows exhibiting quiet dispositions, good structure, high fertility, and great maternal abilities. These cows, in turn, raise beef cattle that perform well on grazed forage, then produce high quality, safe beef, which has been finished on grain for quality and efficiency.

We are life-long learners with a desire to better ourselves each day!

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Phone: 308-708-3116